RWC Winter 2015 News Bulletin

1st December 2015

RWC Winter 2015 News Bulletin

Winter 2015 newsletter – planning ahead for 2016

Winter is definitely here as the evenings shorten so it’s a good time to read the last edition of our newsletter for 2015. It’s also the perfect time for thinking about the year ahead in terms of financial planning and how the coming changes are likely to affect you. We will, of course, be covering the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement and meanwhile we hope you enjoy reading this edition.

Our feature this edition is Financial planning: get ready for 2016. The year that follows a general election is often the time when major reforms are introduced – some of these changes will create winners and of course, some losers. Make sure you know where you stand and avoid getting any unwelcome surprises by thinking ahead around issues such as pensions and savings in particular.

Our other stories include:

  • How long does your pension have to last? Life expectancy and longevity are not quite the same thing. Pension flexibility means not having to buy an annuity, but how long will your pension fund have to last? It may be longer than you expect.
  • Just how important is China? China’s stock market and economy have hit the news quite a bit recently and we ask whether China is that significant among emerging markets and what the options are for investments both there and in the Far East.
  • New year cover review time If you are in the habit of making New Year resolutions, why not endeavour to review your life and health cover? Any changes to your circumstances in 2015 may mean that your life and health cover need adjusting. The turn of the year is a sensible time for financial planning – whether you make New Year resolutions or not.

We hope you find the contents of this newsletter useful and informative and, as always, let us know if you think you may be affected by any of the topics in this edition.

N.B. Please be aware under the ‘Capital for Kids’ article there is a typographic error. The first bullet point should read “£15,600 a year” rather than £15,500 a year.

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